Landscape Style

Mechanical Specifications

PDF Format:  Please provide press-ready PDF files in CMYK with fonts embedded. We do not accept spot colours, please convert them to CMYK.
Black Type:  All type to appear as black should be supplied 100% black, not as rich black, and set to overprint.
Type:  Reverse type should be a minimum of 10pt. Type smaller than 8 point with fine serifs should be avoided.
Photo Elements:  Photos need to be 300dpi at actual size. They can be supplied as .psd, .tiff, .eps or .jpeg formats. Logos
should be preferably be supplied in vector format, .eps or .pdf although .psd, .tiff and .jpeg formats are accepted.
Bleed:  All artwork to be supplied with 3mm bleed on all edges. Allow a minimum of 7mm from the edge of the page to type
area to allow for binding variations.
Full Page Advert: 297mm wide x 210mm deep.
Half Page Advert: 148.5mm wide x 210mm deep.

Publications are printed on either a gloss or matt stock. Colour reproduction may vary depending on the stock.

Slide background

What makes a good advertisement?

Consider the space and size of the advert that you have booked. Look at orientation of photos and how they will be used within the layout. A landscape image may need to be cropped to fit a full page portrait advert and will lose some impact. Providing too much copy for the ad space will sometimes deter the reader and they will simply not bother to look at the advertisement and will turn the page.

What do you want to say to your market? Your advert is only a quick page turn and must get the attention of the reader in the most appropriate fashion. A single-minded proposition is the best way of keeping interest and making sure your advert is understood easily. A clear headline and strong imagery make for a more memorable advert.

Keep it clean and simple. Consider how much information you need to contain in your advertisement to hold the readers’ attention. If a reader likes what they see prompt the reader to look at your website or contact your company to gain further insight into your company’s products and function. One or two quality images work more effectively than lots of average shots. A professional photographer may be worth the cost to your business when you can use your images on multiple advertising platforms.